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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders over $75

Just a girl who loves penguins Fleece Blanket - Quilt Blanket

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Keisha Truss

My husband's mother passed away. He was left with nothing of hers. I thought this would be a perfect gift and memory for him.He was left speeless when he got it.

Alexis Cusick

The blanket turned exactly how I wanted it to, my brother is going to love it. I definitely recommend using this site to purchase from.

Edith Spencer
Personal gift to my brother in law

Sent this blanket to my brother in law and he loved it!!!

Debbie Clarke
Love it

Ok I’m so happy with the pictures on the blanket but I’m so disappointed with the size of the blanket it’s big enough to fit a small cot I just wish it could have been bigger but amazing job on the picture see when I look at every one else there so much bigger

Peggy Palama

Exceptionally beautiful! Ordered this blanket for my daughter, she is the one in the picture. My dad (her Grandpa) was her everything and she, was the Apple of his eyes.